Sep 14, 2018

Yung Pinch is feeling like a “Castaway”.


by NFabry


Yung Pinch‘s #4EVERFRIDAY has proven to be a wildly successful marketing strategy, and it’s as simple as releasing one song every week.

As part of the third installment of the scheme, the Beach Boy returns with a hit-bound track entitled “Castaway”. Produced by TheRealChinoo and TayDaProducer, the new offering taps the darker side of the sun-loving rapper.

“Cuz to you I’m just another fucking castaway // Party every Saturday //  Never nothing good bout me, Always something Bad to Say” he sings on the resentful hook.

It’s hard to talk down on Pinch. He’s always done his thing and it’s led him to become one of the most successful independent artists in the game. Hear this week’s edition of #4EVERFRIDAY by streaming the track below.