Halsey has quickly become one of the biggest pop stars in the world. On Friday the blue/blonde-haired songstress commonly associated with some of the biggest names in pop music unveiled her sophomore album “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” and upon a few listens, I noticed an unexpected hip-hop influence throughout the record. The track list starts off with emotionally driven & radio-friendly jams, but quickly transitions into a more mature sound after the ninth, Quavo-assisted track“Lie.”

Joining forces with Norweigan rapper/producer Lido for “Don’t Play” just a few songs later, Halsey cranks out a lean-friendly banger laced with lyrics such as “Can’t fuck with my vibe
Double cuppin’ in my ride, motherfucker don’t play with me.” The 22 year-old superstar proves the undeniable influence of rap music and its’ associated lifestyle without blatantly hijacking the culture, which is a difficult feat to accomplish in her respective scene.

Listen to the tracks below to hear hip-hop’s undeniable influence on one of the biggest pop records of the year.