May 11, 2021

It's a whole soap opera

Managing Editor

Every so often something comes in that just makes the day a little better and that's definitely Cool Company's "Halos". The beginning of the track acts as a checklist for a good soul song down to the hitting bassline at the top and the video itself feels like what Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak were channeling in "Leave The Door Open". Cool Company seems to be aptly named and comfortable in any position, delivering his verses with ease as a sort of soap opera occurs in his periphery. 

There's a lot of thought in the video that admittedly goes over my head, but know every choice made here was purposeful, drawn from inspirations and artists. 

What's driving the whole thing forward is the strength of his voice here supported in the right ways by the production. This was dope. I'm excited to see some more asap.