The liars are lovers, and the cheaters are killed…


by Patrick

Head of A&R // Editor

Guitar Emoji makes his return to ELEVATOR with the official video for his outstanding song, “Liars are Lovers”. The song is punk-rap at its finest. Blending elements from both genres, the music bangs with 808’s and drum kits set to emotive guitar melodies drowning in distortion. This is the second video to come from Guitar Emojis album Epitome of Stupidity, a 13-track project of similar sounding songs that further solidify the Dallas Texas based musician as the real deal. This genre bending sound has been around for a little while, but after listening to a couple of his songs you’ll find it hard to deny that this dude might do it the best. The video was created using compiled footage from many wild moments spent with friends, in the studio, on stage, traveling from state to state, and just plain old fucking around.

Press play on the official music video for “Liars Are Lovers” below.