Oct 19, 2018

One of the internet’s most mysterious doing what they do best.


by HOwens



Greaf has been an enigma since their rise in the Soundcloud scene. Producing for artists such as Bones and even forming a duo with him called SurrenderDororthy has solidified Greaf to be a pioneer in the emo-rap wave of the underground. No one knows what they look like, but everyone knows one thing; the beats are fire.

Greaf’s new beat tape This Was All His Idea is a testament to consistency. It doesn’t break any new ground, it’s just an artist doing what they know best. Smooth, cloudy synths, lo-fi guitar samples, slowed down vocal samples and a dreary undertone makes this somewhat of a somber listen; with the beats serving as the perfect soundtrack for a winter day. The beats soar like a mountain’s peak and drop like a deep descent. It’s melancholic, but it bangs.

Listen to This Was All His Idea below.