Oct 20, 2017

Get hip to Arkansas’ best-kept-secret.


by GregGaffney


You might not be familiar with GOON DES GARCONS*, the Little Rock native, who can now be found in Los Angeles, but his latest track, “EVERYONE STILL NO$E,” is a solid introduction. GOON DES GARCONS* plays off the past, referencing N*E*R*D’s “Everyone Nose,” adding GOON’s personal flavors on the track.

Where N*E*R*D comes in with the stand-up bass, swing drums, and Pharrell’s shining voice, GOON goes on the attack with his over-reverberated vocals and ad-libs, while producer Idle Kid mixes in sliding 808s and some sinister new-era trap elements through the beat. GOON DES GARCONS* and Idle Kid snapped on this track, and something tells me 2018 is lining up to be a big year for GDG*.