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Back from the hyperbolic time chamber

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Where to begin. There is simply too much to say about this guy without creating an entire in-depth breakdown on him. I’ll most likely be drafting that article up soon. Thinking back over the years there are SO many legendary stories, numerous groundbreaking musical groups that ranged from punk-rock bands (The Worms) to rap collectives (Do$eMoney), and one massive collection of music and visuals that in my opinion was and some of which still is ahead of its time. On top of everything, there is the man, the myth, the legend…. GOLDFACEMONEYWATCH. GFMW is a guy with a 1 of 1 personality and a rare breed of bizarre authenticity which qualifies him as one of those last of a dying breed type of creatives. Today, Gold liberates two new tracks for his first release since the Cleveland Ohio based musician returned home from an 18-month jail sentence which he found himself trapped in while on the road in Nashville Tennessee.

The first track titled “Nightmare” is my favorite of the two new joints, but both are dope. Out the gate, GFMW spazzes over the self-produced instrumental, “Rollin’ up a 3-gram backwood/3 zips of molly vacced up in the backpack/ in the back seat of an uber like a taxi/ with a bad young lil freak she nasty”….. “I’m a real rockstar it’s not fashion/ 2 girls on my arm fo’ fashion/ They geek’d up talkin fast takin’ acid/ send a pack first class to your residence..”.

Press play on both of the new tunes below, followed by a few of our favorite music videos from GoldFaceMoneyWatch’s past…