Baton Rouge has long been a poppin’ area for upcoming hip-hop talent, and most recently an artist by the name of Sherwood Marty has been making a ton of noise. From his street-inspired lyrics to his knack for thoughtful verses and hooks, Marty has quickly become one of the most promising young artists that the city has to offer. With major stars like Kevin Gates and NBA Youngboy paving the way in recent years, the door for Marty is wide open to bust through and become a superstar.

His biggest record to date is an homage to his hometown, entitled “Sherwood Baby.” Inching closer and closer to a million views since July, it’s snowballed into his most successful drop, turning into an anthem for the city.

While “Sherwood Baby” is his most successful record, it’s far from his only good record. He switches up from more gritty rhymes to hopeful, relatable tracks like “Dreaming,” on which he raps of his hopes and dreams in the rap game, and the unfortunate side of the grind where you deal with fakes and people leaving.

Marty’s popularity has no doubt skyrocketed in recent months, and his latest visual has been reaping the benefits—it has nearly 500k views on Youtube since it released a month and a half ago, and is on pace to be his biggest record yet.

It’s obvious that he’s primed and ready to be the next rapper to explode out of Baton Rouge, and we look forward to hearing more from him soon.