Aug 20, 2019

“PTSD often strikes me in the dark laying in my bed…”


by dcoburn


Blessing our pages for the first time is Name’s Not Andy with his exquisite taste of alternative hip-hop on his newest single “Spiders.” At first, on “Spiders,” emotional vocals hit on top of the riffs of an indie guitar, ending in a progressive build of aggression into heavy rock and powerful use of distorted screaming from the young creator. Names Not Andy is a mysterious 18-years-old figure from Goldsboro, North Carolina who we can’t wait to see more from.

His project Here 2 Teach You caught my attention sometime after it’s release last month and I have been distracted with it ever since. It’s been one of the best album finds of my summer and if you’re into the unconventional varieties of hip-hop that bubbled to the surface with the likes of Lil Peep and others, this is a gem that is a must.