Nov 9, 2018

by GregGaffney


Age is not an accurate measure for talent and Wiardon is a shining example of that. Wiardon recently celebrated his 16th birthday with the release of his mixtape NUMBA1VIKTIM. The Texas prodigy self-produced all but one track on the 10-track mixtape which he uploaded to Soundcloud as one song file, which smartly gives the tape a whole different feel. Instead of segmented songs and singles, often interrupted by Red Dead Redemption 2 ads, Wiardon’s tape plays in its fullest with no breaks allowing his cutting street story bars to be front and center.

Wiardon’s NUMBA1VIKTIM tape is perfect for fans of RetcH, Da$H, Earl Sweatshirt, and WIKI, who also has a feature on the tape. You won’t often catch Wiki with a feature verse, but that only speaks to Wiardon’s lyrical skill. The skills don’t stop with the pen, either, as Wiardon whips up beautiful chop sample production with nostalgic drum patterns. Clearly a student of the game, Wiardon has a long future ahead of him with his double threat of bars and beats.

NUMBA1VIKTIM is one of the best things I’ve heard this year from an emerging artist. While you age certainly doesn’t equate lyrical skill, the fact that Wiardon is putting out work at this level this young is only that much more impressive.

Press play below.