Nov 9, 2018

Denver’s Dava dazzles on her emotional new single, “Tuesday”.


by GregGaffney


Most of us have been through heartbreak and that immediate moment of feeling lost once your best friend exits your life. Sometimes, you have to coach yourself to just make it to the next day, and Denver singer Dava captures that feeling perfectly on her latest single, “Tuesday”. Her personal writing is highlighted with her angelic vocals which will most certainly have you singing along to “Just say, just say / Ima be okay by Tuesday.”

Dava shows major skills as both a songwriter and singer with “Tuesday”, keeping the heartbreak ballad airy and open, coaxing listeners to want to sing along with her. The Seneca B production provides the perfect backdrop with slow-moving pop chords while Dava’s vocals pile in layers to give the song its signature daydream feel.

This is certainly not the last we’ll be hearing from Dava and her sky-high potential as an emerging new artist as we move into 2019.