by GregGaffney


Boy Floss is planting his flag as the latest teenage wunderkind with his impressive new EP “Dream Stories.” Boy Floss brings his dual threat of rapper-producer talents to the forefront on this 6-track EP, self-producing the first three, while tapping in with other producers for the last three.

Being 17 has not gotten in the way of Boy Floss’s work ethic – he’s also produced “Moving On” by Nick Prosper, which has been going pretty crazy over on Astari, racking up nearly 80k views in three months. Boy Floss has been steadily stacking his production credits, but “Dream Stories” works to put his rapping chops front and center. Floss shows incredible poise through the tape, finding unique flows, crafting catchy choruses, and putting touches of vocal distortions throughout that keep the short EP as a highly dynamic listen.

Tracks like “Why Is This So Rare,” showcase the list of Boy Floss’s skills on one track. The captivating artist found countless patterns on this track, hit some auto-tuned melodies, some double-time rap flows, and the booming production shows his skill is certainly beyond his age. My personal favorite, “Way Out,” shows some great writing skills, while Boy Floss bounces all over the track through multiple flows all the while staying true to the track. This EP is sure to impress, and it could be a very big year for Boy Floss on both the rap end as well as the production end.

Check out the EP below.