Jun 13, 2019

BUNT. has teamed up with the band The Dip on this summer soundtrack.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

BUNT. has just revealed an exhilarating summertime song with the band The Dip titled, “Sure Don’t Miss You” and the video is directed by Oliver Thompson. BUNT. is a compelling young duo and is comprised of Nico and Levi who have masterfully crafted their sound to create an infectious new single. The new track is quite infectious and anthemic as the tandem know how to construct a catchy and memorable hook. The vocals are breezy and elating over a refreshing instrumental that radiates a folk and electronic-infused vibe overall.

The video is shot in the city of New Orleans and it takes the viewer on the journey of a man through the historically musical city. This visual story showcases the main character wandering the streets of NOLA and the German duo seem to be at his every turn and he cannot avoid them or stop seeing them. He eventually ends up at a bar where at first glance his vision tricks him into seeing everyone wearing orange BUNT. hoodies along with the duo staring at him but then it takes an unexpected twist. He rubs his eyes and is back to reality where everyone in the bar abruptly gets up and essentially starts partying and having a good time to the performance of the lively tandem. These boys have a rejuvenating sound to bring to the American culture and I am excited what the future holds for them in their new beginnings.

Indulge in “Sure Don’t Miss You” below.