by ASadler


As much as people try to dismiss how impactful social media is on their lives, there are those who love getting the likes and the followers. As an artist, platforms such as Twitter and Instagram are extremely influential in promoting your content, brand, and who you are as a person. New Jersey rapper Geno Five decided to celebrate his milestone of earning over 10,000 followers on Instagram by delivering fans the “10k Freestyle” with a visual.

Shot by Aspire Films, the concept of the video is brilliant as Geno (real name Kennedy Smith) joins up with his crew for a workout at a football field in Rahway, New Jersey. He raps about the reality of longevity in the music industry, his intent to remain humble despite the following he’s earned, and how he still feels there is a lot to do. The cardio workout he and friends do serves as a metaphor for the fact that this achievement won’t hinder his effort in any way.

The wordsmith has enjoyed a year of progression in his music and fanbase, releasing The Feels LP back in June and performing in various venues down in Atlanta. His raw talent, storytelling, and humility despite being a standout lyricist in New Jersey is the recipe for even more growth and a successful career overall. Check out the “10K Freestyle” video above, The Feels LP.