Jan 8, 2020

“Get to blanking, I got too much going my way, can’t let you change me.”


by Malc

Assistant Editor

South Carolina has been on an upsurge for the past few years following the success of rappers like PG Ra and Shawn Scrilla. Emerging artist Gangway Chris is taking a leap with his very first music video, “Man Down.” The visuals shot by Frosty capture Chris rapping effortlessly in front of a gas station, sending shots at his detractors. It serves as the Carolina-native’s first release of the year and a follow-up to “Chop Stik,” which dropped months back.

“We turn drilling to a hobby, you a target, better stand down / Skrt and run down with that chopper, go to sparking, it’s a man down,” he raps. Peep the video below.