Oct 11, 2018

The South Sudanese rapper continues to be a strong force in the Sydney scene.


by HOwens



Hip-hop, Gabreal, South Sudanese

Sydney-based, South Sudanese rapper Gabreal has no problem embracing the weird. His music often borderlines on the paranormal, as he explores apparition-like soundscapes that bring his music into a truly haunting territory. He garners influence from the likes of $uicideboys, Bones and Fat Nick, but he positions it in his own unique way. Gabreal has a story of his own to tell, and it culminates on his latest EP Afterparty.

Afterparty is Gabreal’s 5th project and latest in two years, and he continues to experiment with sounds while taking themes in a vulnerable direction. Songs like “On The Beat True Story” find Gabreal digging into past living in places like Uganda and South Sudan, with an ominous, 808-laced beat (courtesy of producer Lowgrind) amplifying the darkness. Other songs like “Her” find Gabreal in a Makonnen-esque fashion, exploring different, melodic registers of his baritone voice. It’s music that both bangs in the whip, and hits you in your soul.

Listen to Gabreal’s Afterparty EP below.