Longtime Elevator affiliate, FULMETALPARKA$ premieres his latest music video today, here on our YouTube channel. The song, Throwback 00′, is an upbeat record with drum circle styled percussion laced over a drowned out Spanish guitar sample. Its a great dance song as well as great example of FMP$’s lyrical ability, as he puts quite the display on, serving up fire one liners as he directs the ladies to the dance floor and instructs them to throw it back. The video is dope as well, starting off by logging you into an old school Myspace.com artist profile page for the artist before pressing play on the track for Throwback 00′. If you look closely you’ll even see Elevator in FMP$’s top friends list. As the video continues, the first person user view clicks on the messages inbox and realizes an attractive girl has been hitting him up and apparently “can’t wait to see” him. Quickly the video breaks out into dance and the virtual crush appears like IRL and busts out her best dance moves , from the bedroom to the skatepark.

Press play on the visual below.