May 14, 2018

by jmarkow


When the topic of conversation is Canadian music, Drake and The Weeknd always dominate the conversation. While the two super stars are undeniably dominating the game, we want to put you onto one artist from Edmonton who is putting himself on the map. FRVRFRIDAY is an 19-year old artist/producer who’s latest EP “WHOISFRIDAY” can no longer get slept on.

With a unique voice and a knack for producing and songwriting, FRVRFRIDAY is crafting a new wave in his city. His latest EP is completely self written and produced with the exception of some assistance by KIZZY and TALK-IN. As he is able to completely control his own sound, his latest release is very extremely cohesive sonically; something that leads to the projects ability to have you listening to it all on repeat.

FRVRFRIDAY’s music is intoxicating and he has an extremely strong ability to craft sonic landscapes as he sings over floor rattling production. The young artist has been consistent in his releases this year and the numbers are starting to go up. With a booming monthly listener rate, it is apparent that his hard work is not falling on deaf ears.

Stream ‘WHOISFRIDAY’ below.