Oct 14, 2018

FRVRFRIDAY is gassed up on his new release, “Racecarmode!”.


by TRummel


In May, we covered WHOISFRIDAY, the debut EP from Canadian hip-hop artist FRVRFRIDAY, and, today, we’re sharing “Racecarmode!”, one of two new singles he recently released.

“Racecarmode!” is probably the strongest effort yet from the Edmonton artist, so, if you’re still unfamiliar with him, you’ll love being introduced to him through this single here. On it, he spits pure fire, and a knocking beat is used as well to accompany his quick pace and smooth tone.

Without question, you’re going to want to listen to this one, and, if you’re digging what you hear (you will be), you should make sure you check his aforementioned project as well.