Sep 6, 2017

Go behind the scenes with video director Adam DeGross.


by liammccarthy


GHOSTEMANE‘s recently released music video for “D(r)own” has captured the attention of over 300,000 people in less than a week. Shot in Minnesota, Adam DeGross‘s visual is the result of 200 teenagers being crammed into a warehouse for a do-it-yourself concert from one of rap’s most polarizing, hardcore acts.

Filled with mosh pits, sweaty bodies, ceiling-scalers and an insane performance; the two-minute music video is more or less a metal concert in visual form.

Director Adam DeGross’s unique vision came to life, and can be attributed to a large portion of the video’s viral success. Learn more about the “D(r)own” music video by reading our first installment of Frame by Frame below.


I wanted this scene to look like a horror movie. I just upped the contrast, and his natural movements did the work for me, he ended up looking kind of distorted.


We shot this in Minnesota, where I’m from, and most people know it gets really cold here, so what you see behind him is a giant mound of salt that they use for the roads during the winter time. During the summer, the place where they keep it is basically abandoned and taken over by graffiti writers. I had a light in one hand and the camera in the other, and I’d wave the light over him to give it that mild strobe light effect.


This scene came from my second shooter Austin, who I had roaming around the show. I saw it when I was reviewing the footage, and instantly knew it had to go in. The kid just did it out of nowhere, and it fit.


We set up a D.I.Y. Ghostemane show in a warehouse spot, announced it only days before the shoot, and about 200 kids showed up. I didn’t really give them any direction, they just went off when Ghoste started playing.


There weren’t any real rules during the shoot, and that was just a kid hanging from the rafters of the warehouse. They’d climb up the amps, and dive off. The spot is mainly used for underground dance parties; there was a stage covered in DJ gear, but there were a V formation of amps in front of the stage that Ghoste and l stood on. Where I was standing was actually very high up, and at 1:11 in the video, right after the kid stage dives, the camera shoots down, and that’s from me falling off the amp because kids kept bumping into it. Looked cool though.

Featured Photo by Casey Dopp, Black & White by Mike Madison

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