Oct 28, 2018

Some hits are made on “#TheStove”.


by HOwens


If there’s one thing we know about FobGod, it’s that he makes bangers. The Orange County rapper recently dropped the 808-heavy, semi-comedic “Crackhead Universe” with 24kGoldn, and now he’s back with the short and sweet solo cut “#TheStove”.

“#TheStove” is a simple trap cut that slices through its competition. FobGod barely takes a breath in his flow, switching from aggressive to animated every bar. The lyrical content is a pretty basic smorgasbord of flexing and braggadocio, but FobGod does it in a way that’s tongue-in-cheek and incredibly entertaining. The beat, produced by Fahrkry and Jake Mark, is filled with 808s and minimal synth keys that allow FobGod’s delivery and cadence to shine.

Listen to the “#TheStove” below, and look out for more from FobGod in the future.