In Detroit, grittiness reigns supreme. Punchlines matter, piano-driven beats reign supreme, and the energy, oh the energy. It’s all about providing friction to power through the city’s fiercely cold streets, and the music that comes from it creates sparks when strained through earphone speakers. Artists like Tee Grizzly, FMB DZ, and Sada Baby have figured out how to generate enough heat. If FlyBoi Rich‘s latest is any indicator, he’ll definitely be the next in line to make some noise in the city.

FlyBoi Rich’s “New Jack City” is powerful, rambunctious, and hard-hitting. I love the piano that corrals the entire thing, adding a bleeding heart to the background that’s repeatedly prodded by the rattling bass. Rich’s raps here are unsettling, applying pressure in the form of street lyricism to the piano’s niceness. It’s a stirring, moving record that’ll keep you captivated long after it ends.

Listen to “New Jack City” below.