Lo-Fi is one of the rising sub-genres of Hip-Hop. What used to be considered “low-quality recording,” is now the soundtrack to millions of depressed college kids trying to focus on their studies. Aside from that, the sub-genre has produced some great music & polarizing artists, & looking to be next up on that list is Jacksonville native I Hate Andy, who checks in with his new single, “Moods.”

Produced by Christophr, “Moods” is the epitome of what Lo-Fi has come to represent. While at first listen, the track may seem hard on ears for older listeners, as the mixing is a bit unconventional & the master may be nonexistent, those end up being the qualities that draw you in. At only a minute-and-a-half, the song is incredibly short and seemingly crafted to encourage you to keep replaying. With the infectious qualities displayed by Andy’s atypical vocal range, the song may take a listen or two to catch on, but once you’re there, you’re hooked.

Check out, “Moods” below and step inside the wonderful world of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop.