Jan 15, 2017

The clothing brand Flavors already took over Austin, TX with their last drop. Next stop, the whole damn world.


by dhoughton


Austin, TX is known for many things, but one of the things you may not know about Austin is that it is home to some of the most influential local creatives in art and fashion. The brands name is Flavors, and it’s made up of an entire team of folks making art for clothing, stickers, pins, and even flash tattoos. Flavors describes their goal as this: “Created as a project to gain exposure for local artists, Flavors™ captures the aesthetics of our community, and brings forth the raw talents of our unconventional culture.”

What more could you want out of a brand? Although they predominantly use Austin’s local talent, the exposure that these artists gain is nationwide, spreading from coast to coast and making appearances in the Midwest. They described their targeted audience and target cohorts as such: “Punks, rebels, skateboarders, artists, dreamers, and everyone alike is who Flavors™ gives a voice to. Through limited-edition garments, we strive to create the next staple within our world of fashion and art.” If any of these labels apply to you, then you will more than likely find a home with Flavors. Their vapid selection makes it possible for people of many different walks of life able to rock the clothing and accessorize accordingly.

Check out their full website here, and go crazy. They price their product relatively cheaply, which is perfect if you’re like me and know how to stretch a dollar pretty far. These folks have worked really hard on these products, and hard work always shows. Check out the pictures of the new drop below!