Jul 9, 2019

Chicago’s Femdot has blossomed into a rather formidable lyricist.


by jgregory


Windy City MC Femdot has grown into one of the premier artists in Chicago, which is fitting because it seems that Femdot’s ascension is congruent to the rise of his own city. Femdot is plenty able to make up-tempo bangers, but it is at the head knocking tempo from his most recent effort “Whole Thang” that he truly shines, in my opinion. Instrumentally, this track is slow-burning open enough for Femdot to speak his mind uninterrupted. I am very pleased with this release and am very much looking forward to the time when Femdot rolls out his next project that will serve as a successor to his acclaimed 2018 project Delacreme 2.

Stream “Whole Thang” here: