Jan 7, 2020

FCG Heem needs a lot more exposure.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

FCG Heem is an emerging artist hailing from Broward County, Florida and he has a very strong melodic cadence that needs to be heard on a much larger scale than just Florida. His latest offering is a music video, titled “Dead Weight” and it is a heart-heavy track that Heem just lays it all on the track so that the viewer feels his lyrics. Heem harmonizes about various circumstances in his life and how he endures the hardships as it is undeniably a resonating track that a lot more people should hear. Heem flows over a yung tago produced instrumental which is a slower undertone to accompany Heem’s powerful and airy verses.

The music video is shot by JMB as he skillfully highlights Heem by himself sitting in a red room reminiscing about tougher times that he has gone through. Heem is primarily flowing right to the camera so it is ensured that his impactful lyrics are heard as they deserve to be.

Get hip to FCG Heem and enjoy “Dead Weight” below!