How do submissions work?

Submissions are only accepted via our submission form. All submissions are reviewed within 48 hours. if we like it we will post it on the site or reach out to you about other opportunities, like youtube uploads or posts on our social media.

Why does ELEVATOR charge for submissions?

Listening to thousands of music submissions a month takes a lot of time. We have a dedicated staff of people to make sure we listen to every single submission. Your submission fee helps keep our staff paid.

What does ELEVATOR look for in selected submissions?

Our submission team takes into consideration just about everything about your submission, from lyrics, flow, melodies and production choice to creativity, originality, and style. We’ll typically even check out your past releases, even what you look like and how you conduct yourself on social media. We’re typically looking for artists that we believe have potential to, or already are, producing great music and have that certain quality to make them a superstar.

How do I submit a video to be considered for ELEVATOR’s youtube channel?

Each submission, even paid placements, is considered for youtube uploads. If we think your submission has potential, we will reach out to you.

How do Paid Placements work?
Paid Placements are basically advertisements in the form of a post on elevatormag.com, they are marked “Sponsored” (This is a LEGAL ISSUE you can read about via the Federal Trade Commission) and do not receive any social promotion. If your standard submission was declined or you just want to make sure your content does get posted, a paid placement is the way to go.
What is a Featured Paid Placement?

A Featured Paid Placement is the same as a regular Paid Placement, however, it is displayed in our featured article section at the top of the site for 1 week. Because more people see it, it costs more money.

Does ELEVATOR do Promo?

No. Paying anyone to say your music is cool, in general, is not cool. It’s also misleading to fans.

How does Advertising on ELEVATOR work?
Elevator manages its own ad space on our site. That means we have the ability to run banner ad campaigns (website ads) for your song, music video, mixtape, clothing line, festival, energy drink or whatever product/service/event you’d like to get in front of our audience. You can place an advertisement order here.
How can I report scammers?
Please visit: https://www.elevatormag.com/how-to-report-scammers/.