Newcomer FAMOU$ new video from Yakub Films is on point.

Bryan Zawlocki

by Bryan Zawlocki


FAMOU$ announces himself with a brand new visual for his menacing track “Heshgod”. Yakub offered up his creative talents and delivered; providing a video that matches the overall darkness of the track. “Hesh”, if you are oblivious to skate culture, is a term bestowed upon skaters who’s style reflected a ‘no fucks given’ attitude. Famou$, whose real name actually IS Famous, is incorporating this attitude into his music, giving it a new edge, “I consider [it] a new wave of Grunge Rap from the early influences of punk rock I incorporate” – Famou$.  Look out for The Heshgod to release an EP earlier next year titled M.O.T.S. (Mark Of The Steeze).