February 26, 2019

Tune in below.


Boston’s Fabzabove has been on a heat streak, and he’s back on the Elevator pages with his dark sounding speaker banger “Hitstick.” Readers might remember Fabz from his last visual premiered on our Elevator pages for Henny Sippa, an anthemic crew cut, but Hitstick finds Fabzabove standing on his own while he surfs through a variety of flows and vocals.

Hitstick is full of confidence from Fabz, and even the moments where his high pitched cadence is difficult to understand you can somehow still understand like he’s stunting on his competition. With an absolute wild visual treatment from Whenever The Weather to complement the dark, sinister tones of both producer Br0keCh1c and Fabz, this song has instant replay value.


Hit the link below for Hitstick.