Feb 24, 2019

emotionalxan’s highly-anticipated project is finally here


by juneilcg


EMOtional Xan is a fascinating Hip-Hop artist whose image contrasts his music. With his spiked mohawk and Punk attire, it wouldn’t be far fetched to presume he’s the head singer of a hardcore band but he borrows that imagery and combines it with his love of Rap music particularly Trap music. The production of this highly anticipated project is one of its driving forces. The drums featured on three beats are addictive surrounding by a sphere of menacing sounds that accentuates his cool, confident, and effortless delivery. The Dallas artist has a dark, underground sound mixed with elements of Atlanta trap music. His flow is very straightforward complimenting the structure of each track. Braggadocious and flossy, he nonchalantly flexes as he raps about guns on “Semi Out” and raps about living a fast life on “12 A.M”. If you like infectious bass-heavy production and tough talk you’ll likely enjoy this tape.

Stream The Rebirth below