March 27, 2019

Rumored to be the brainchild of Adele’s vocal coach and Drake’s engineer meeting at a bat mitzvah in 2017, duo Emotional Oranges is back with another single.


The mysterious faceless R&B duo Emotional Oranges has dropped another single, “Built That Way”. Infectious, groovy drums start up with a female voice ready to attack the beat as she lays out the facts about what’s on her mind, dealing with rumors while away from her partner. The instrumentation changes at the hook, though, and the song turns to look you in the eyes and tell you, “You can be honest with me, babe. Be honest with me.”

The song navigates a relationship that faces judgment from onlookers and claims at infidelity while the duo tries to define personal boundaries and expectations. They portray the difficulty of drawing a line between dignity and pride in relationships. The male voice places blame on their environment for insecurity expressed by the female voice, and the multiplicity of what “Built That Way” can mean is revealed as the story unfolds.

Emotional Oranges knows how hard it is to put your vulnerability out there while expressing what you need from your partner. The duo has mastered call and response between the male and female vocals to achieve a captivating kind of storytelling that hooks in the listener, all over groovy, retro instrumentals.

Listen to “Built That Way”, available everywhere.