July 22, 2017

Don’t miss out on these spectacular visuals…


Rising Chicago songstress Emily Blue makes her debut on the Elevator pages with a vibrant music video for her chilling single “Rico Acid.” Though I was initially unable to formulate a word or phrase to properly describe the young artists’ distinctive sound, her Twitter bio sums it up quite perfectly, simply reading “glitch pop.”

In Blue’s latest visual offering, director Brandon Holmes experiments with various color tones and lighting effects to create an aesthetically pleasing masterpiece. Complimenting the records’ trippy and unpredictable nature, this music video is one of the most extravagant works I’ve seen in quite some time.

With impressive attention to detail and a hit-bound track, Emily Blue’s music video for “Rico Acid” is destined for massive success. Watch it below and stay tuned for more greatness from the Windy City native.