Fresh to Elevator’s pages, L.A.-based lyricist Emillo, comes through with some major high-quality content on his newest music video. Shot to his song “Far From Perfect”, Emillo raps an honest portrait of what is happening in his life, including the pace and energy that emulates his black spirit. This is a chilling piece that samples from Eva Cassidy’s “Wade in the Water” anthem throughout.

The video, which was shot in South Central, L.A. at Emillo’s childhood home, is a lighthearted take on dreams and hoping for a better life just to awaken back into reality. It is rather about enjoying the present, wherever you are.

As Emillo started his music career off as a creative writer, his artistic abilities quickly expanded into the artist he is today. Check out his new video to “Far From Perfext” below. Production credits for the song go to Patrick Fontenette with director credits coming from V.M. Navarro and Alexander Dunn.