You’re next favorite R&B songbird.


by lvaldez


Bouncing back after his successful EP Waco , Ejay Mallard has returned with another R&B staple. With the full intent to secure your heart and attention, “High Hopes” depicts the on-again-off-again relationship Ejay Mallard finds himself in. Battling with insecurities, trust issues, and the anxieties that come with Ejay Mallard uses an elusive and commanding melody to find himself pleading and begging with his companion. LA & Houston have been the settings to be life’s greatest teachers for Ejay. The cities provide much-needed joy and pain that helps mold him into a young man that carries hate in his vision but love in his heart. Through the classic tale of good vs evil lies a young man trying to overcome the struggles of his relationship while attempting to find its beauty. Ejay Mallard is not only an extraordinary artist but a very intriguing individual as well. His mannerisms, the way he moves, speaks, and his outlooks on life make him seem almost as if he’s been here before. With “High Hopes”, Ejay Mallard embraces his own insecurities in relationships and transforms that pain into music everyone can relate to.