Jan 17, 2019

Egypxn shows off his versatility on new visual.


by juneilcg


This song is beautiful! Over an expressive CashMoney AP beat that evokes emotions of hardship and pain, Egypxn gets personal reminiscing on the hardships and adversity that motivated him to be as driven as he is today on prioritizing his music career. From being “left to die” to getting back on his feet and going all in with making music, Egypxn has experienced a “lot of shit” that cost him time even reflecting “I remember long nights in the jail cell/I was down bad nigga couldn’t make bail/Now I’m on back home so it’s farewell”. Egypxn is intent on overcoming his past and realizing his dreams stating “I’m going to be the nigga that you talk about/working ever night can’t call out/I’m just tryna show you what my heart bout”

Watch the video for “Hybrid” below.