by jgregory


Photo By: Laiken Joy

Eddy Niz is Tennessee’s next superstar, and it is about time that people started to recognize. Strapped with a blistering flow that sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before, a massive vocabulary, and some of the most clever lyrics the underground has to offer, Eddy Niz stands as a beacon of hope for a tired trap genre.

His collaborator OZ.M BOOMLORD exploded onto this track with an even more unorthodox flow than Niz and offered one of the more inventive verses I have heard in the past year and was completely enthralled by his cadence and vocal pattern. The Nashville OG bukuSteez slid on this track and gifted us with the usual melodies we have come to expect from him and left me very eager to hear more from him in the coming weeks, as he is one of the more impressive artists in the city of Nashville. Topper Atwood’s production was amazing, as it typically is.

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