June 28, 2021

This song is one of the leading singles off my new project “Something For Everybody”. So far the album has over 210k streams on Spotify alone and over 15k views on YouTube. The song and video was also just reviewed and featured on no jumper. Safe to say the project is definitely not a let down from last album “Blame It on Fidel” Curated by my hometown hero Pusha T.

Managing Editor

EBE Kastro isn't leaving things up for interpretation, he's looking to be on top as explained in his latest single and video for "The One". The visual shows off the journey, from ironing your shirt in a one room apartment to looking down on it all from the PJ - it's the rap star's dream that he believes is on its way. The video also has perhaps the most sets I've seen recently, but all in all it is a welcome follow-up to his recent Blame It On Fidel project. This video is a lighter touch than what we've seen recently and shows off more of the storytelling ability he possesses. If he wants to be the one he's going to have to do a little of everything and that's what he's out to prove with his latest. Check it out below.