Feb 6, 2019

by Cydney Lee


In the midst of a slight existential crisis I’ve been having, EarthGang unknowingly delivered a timely single to liven my spirits. The eccentric duo linked with Young Thug to deliver, “Proud of U,” a much-needed ode to women and a song I will have on repeat for the rest of the week.

Produced by the duo’s own, Johnny Venus, EarthGang explained to fans that the song is dedicated to matriarchs in their lives who continue to defy the odds and prosper despite the obstacles of everyday life. The single comes ahead of their long-anticipated, upcoming album, Mirrorland, which they recently said is “90% complete.”

I had never listened to a song by the two in the past, so I didn’t know what to expect. One thing I noticed off rip is that the collaboration with Young Thug creates for a song with vocals that are tricky to distinguish who is who. However, I’m not complaining as they also gave me a new song to get ready in the morning. Thank you, EarthGang.