Oct 25, 2018

Frequent Jaden Smith collaborator dylAn’s new project is strikingly real.


by jgregory


In a world that seems to be constantly speeding up, humans can often feel lost in the shuffle, and the older we get, the more out of touch with our emotions we become. With a music scene more and more predicated on bangers and upbeat wild energy, dylAn’s new project The Lofi Tape is a breath of fresh air in our cluttered world.

On this five track project, dylAn examines his romantic endeavors and the frenzy of monotony that comes with growing up and facing new responsibilities. dylAn’s flows and delivery often feels more like a spoken word expose on chill instrumentals laden with gentle samples. Every word of this project is strikingly authentic and genuine and is a totally transparent view into the mind and soul of the artist.

In the coming weeks, dylAn plans on releasing a follow-up project entitled Woodland Hills and I am very excited to dive deeper into the mind of the artist on this project as well. You will be too after pressing play below.

Stream “The Lofi Tape” here. You won’t regret it.