Nov 21, 2018

Duckwrth dazzles in cinematic new visual.

Kyaira Ortloff

by Kyaira Ortloff


American songwriter & rapper, DUCKWRTH, relentlessly reminds us that he is no rookie in his set of visual accompaniments, with latest visual for SOPRANO being one of the many highlights to this testament.

Immediately as the video begins, we can already acknowledge the vibrancy and robust abstractions as exclamatory—comprised by a church choir with an appearance from L.A. based artist & musician, Yeek, who is also encompassed in as one of singers. DUCKWRTH’s soulful & soothing tone of voice then becomes harmonized with himself singing in other pitches, almost as if he has created his own choir-like concept within the vocal arrangement on this track.

The colors red, white, black are noticeably used heavily in this video. Red represents intense emotional symbolism specifically for energy, war, strength, & power. White represents with a positive connotation for safety, purity & goodness while black represents evil, strength, formality & rebellion—which are all highlighted throughout the video.

Directed by Eugene McMahon, DUCKWRTH is then seen kicking down the door of the church, ditching his choir robe, then hopping into a car with 4 men. Skin painted white, this creative concept draws back to the symbolism noted above, allowing us viewers to create our own perceptions & imaginations as to what these minor details allude to. On a high speed chase throughout the mountains, DUCKWRTH aggressively bulldozes through his verses, hanging over the windshield acting recklessly.

Progressing toward the ending, we are greeted by a fierce tattoo session, done by the hands of the men painted in white as seen previously in the video. Leaving a cross on his forehead and the word “UUGLY” under his left eye, he “cranks that bitch to a million”, with a money shower to top off the cunning visual.

Press play to view the video below: