Jul 25, 2019

Dreamer Boy and Dreamer Bob are back with a new intimate live show.


by jgregory


Nashville recording artist Dreamer Boy is back with a new live performance shot at SXSW with Level and their new live performance series. He played his song “Dreamer” alongside his producer Bobby Knepper (aka Dreamer Bob) and the pair of musicians showed exactly why they are so quickly building a formidable cult following, as the energy these two produced in such a small space is unmatched.

Dreamer Boy’s vocals are still magnetic even in a live setting and this paired with his slick dance moves show you exactly why people go so crazy for this dude. Dreamer Boy’s debut project Love, Nostalgia dropped last year and he is currently working on a following up to his acclaimed entrance onto the indie scene.

Watch the live performance here: