Jul 13, 2017

Watch the throwback interview clip to hear Dre voice his opinions on sampling.


by liammccarthy


Producers across the music world have used sampling as a strategic tool for decades; borrowing sounds from both notable and unrecognizable records alike for use in a (somewhat) original work of their own. Sampling is considered an art-form by many, and ultimately acts as a positive contribution to collaboration and creativity.

Despite the undeniable benefits of shifting a previously released work into an eclectic mix of sounds, samples have been criticized throughout the industry since they were brought to fruition years ago. Legendary hip-hop producer Dr. Dre is known for having some of the most opinionated thoughts on the subject, despite using them frequently himself.

With the conversation regarding plagiarism and its’ relation to samples being more relevant than ever, it’s important to consider the thoughts of a respected pioneer; and Dre summed up the subject rather perfectly in an interview with MTV dating back to 1999. The former Death Row Records executive get candid in the clip below, lashing out at producers who rely on samples for the entirety of their work by saying…

“I think that any producer or any artist that goes in the studio and uses samples on their entire album is whack. Straight up. Matter fact, I’m not even gonna disrespect the word ‘whack’ and call it that. That’s just straight-up nonsense. How can we move forward if you’re using somebody else’s brain?”

The harsh tone in which Dre speaks his mind is telling in itself, as he clearly has no sympathy for producers that solely formulate their ideas based around others’ creations. Sound off in the comments below to share your opinion on the subject and let your thought be known!