Oct 7, 2019

Denver based artist & musician, Doze, preaches the importance of taking the time to smell the roses in his new single, “Rush”.

Kyaira Ortloff

by Kyaira Ortloff


This release is one that I’ve been waiting patiently for to be honest. The many recent conversations that I’ve had amongst myself & my peers has been heavily focused around the topic Doze speaks of in his new single, “Rush”. It’s safe to say that we all are guilty of moving way too fast especially in this day & age where anything can be at your fingertips within one push of a button. I think we most of the time get wrapped up in this cycle and tend to forget that all things in this life require patience. The generations to come along with my own do not exercise this important aspect of life enough, in my opinion. I’m learning how to apply this concept to my life on a daily basis so it’s nice to be reminded that I’m not the only one trying to make patience the top quality in my life.

Doze himself wrote a short excerpt explaining the depth behind “Rush”, noting the following: “Throughout my entire life, I have been known to rush through things. Whether it was homework, falling in love, or growing up  – taking things slowly has never been my strong suit. With this self produced track, I wanted to convey the feeling of endless longing that I experience daily, especially now that I’ve decided to make music my career. I want the recognition and the success so badly that sometimes I forget to be present. “Rush” is me reflecting on one of my biggest flaws.” After reading the breakdown of Doze’s inspiration behind such this track, it resonated to such a degree that it made me reflect on my own life and how extremely important it is to remain present, to take account of own individual growth from a non-comparable standpoint & to genuinely appreciate each moment for what it is. Don’t rush the beauty of your experience, regardless of the highs and lows.

Press play on Doze’s new single “Rush” below: