Aug 2, 2018

Watch the Denver native’s latest below.


by Mike_Squid


Denver’s own Doze has been steadily making waves as of late. His latest release, “Hues” finds the enigmatic singer-songwriter in a relatable dilemma of understanding life’s many struggles. The track is an impressive follow-up to his previous standout release, “Outside” released via Elevator.

Today, “Hues” gets its own visual treatment with a wavy and often nostalgic vibe setting the scene for Doze’s lyrics as he sings them through a vintage television set.

Doze again flexes his impressive vocal range and conceptual depth. The track alludes to others’ emotions changing like hues on a mood ring. The self-produced beat provides a layered backdrop for Doze’s natural story-telling ability, which is in-turn highlighted by the artist’s witty wordplay. Hues is a versatile neo-soul record that’s sure to be stuck in your head in no time with its infectious hook. “Feeling on your hues, different shades of blues. Sharper shades of yellow, see in jaded views,” he sings.

Doze is quickly becoming an artist to watch in Denver and beyond. With “Hues” he again showcases his lyrical depth and visual artistry that puts him in a class all his own.

Press play on “Hues” below and let us know your favorite lyrics in the comments section.