Jan 26, 2018

“Shits ‘gon bring me up, just to tear me down.”


by liammccarthy


In the words of @Mars3Times, “If Lil Peep is Blink-182, OTTO is Sum 41.” Comparisons can grow stale, but the rising South Florida native is able to convey an incredibly deep sense of emotion in his music only previously heard in voices as true and authentic as Peep, making the resemblance undeniable.

The 20-year-old describes himself as a “Lil Metal boy singing love songs,” and that pretty much sums up the feeling you get when listening to his nearly year-old track “Down In The Hole.” The self-produced anthem is driven by a powerful vocal, and backed by massive sentiment.

Stream “Down In The Hole” by OTTO below, and stay tuned for more heat from the future star.