Jan 12, 2017

Check out Felly’s personal playlist in this installment of Don’t Play Yourself.


by liammccarthy


Photo by: @bewildlivefree

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Over the years, we’ve spoken to many artists about their personal favorite tracks, including TheCoolIsMack, Quentin Miller & Jay IDK Our latest guest playlist comes from no other than California-based rapper Felly. After releasing the “Young Fel EP” to great reception in the summer of 2016, the talented rapper has been pushing boundaries with new visuals and selling out headlining shows across the entire country.

Felly consistently delivers a unique sound that can be compared to that of a white, 21 year-old Bob Marley. His genre-blending style has produced countless memorable tracks and has earned him one of the most dedicated fanbases of any up-and-comer. Be sure to peep the Young Fel EP and watch Felly’s latest release in the “Chicago Nights” visual. Keep reading below to check out Fel’s personal playlist and gain an insight into some of his all-time favorite tracks.


Felly’s Playlist

1. Jimmy Wopo – Elm Street

This coulda been released at any point in history and it woulda banged. So happy for this flow. “It a mystery, scooby doo”.

2. Kids These Days – Don’t Harsh My Mellow

For those who don’t know, Kids These Days this is the group Vic Mensa used to be a part of. My best friend’s cousin was the guitarist so I was blessed to see them a bunch of times in Chicago and at Lollapalooza. They went hard as hell – now are unfortunately broken up.

3. Lil Wayne – 1st Key

I always tell people I wouldn’t be here if this song didn’t exist. My brother and I always bumped this after my dad died. It’s victorious “I lost my dad in 96 and started making moves…In ’98 (I got a brand new Lexus coupe!)”. Yes.

4. Atmosphere – God Loves Ugly

You gotta know this one. My whole catalogue roots from this. This changed my perception of hip-hop and rap.

5. King Krule – The Krockadile

I don’t get jealous of many musicians but I really really do about Krule/Archy Marshall. This dude just is on his own planet and I wanna be there.