by liammccarthy


George Goodrich recently shared a valuable article on Medium regarding the legitimacy of Spotify promotion companies. Despite regular PR services which generally have visible connections and a track-record in the industry, the few businesses offering promotion on Spotify have much more of a ‘scammer’ reputation.

The author breaks down four different services, comparing them by using specific information regarding cost, effectiveness, testimonials and more. If you’re considering an investment in promotion to potentially land your song in a Spotify playlist, do your research by reading the statistics below. Check out the full piece here.


The Falling Apple

Price: $940

Effectiveness: 2/5

Website: https://www.thefallingapple.nl


Playlist Push

Price: $350

Effectiveness: 5/5

Website: https://playlistpush.com


Crosshair Music

Price: $250

Effectiveness: 2/5

Website: https://www.crosshairmusic.com


Streaming Promotions

Price: $2000

Effectiveness: 1/5

Website: http://streamingpromotions.com