Feb 6, 2019

“Gas pedal, I ain’t stopping at the light.” Mood for life.


by ASadler



Baton Rouge’s own DohDollars recently delivered the super hype visual for “Gas Pedal” alongside lyricist DQ Rogers. The two, surrounded by a beaten down building and some seasoned statues rap along to nostalgic yet modern sounding uptempo beat about their approaches to the game and their work ethic.

They’re coming for everything meant for them, and then some. Full force too, with the gas pedal meeting the floor. The two exude that Louisiana swag and attitude, delivering lyricism, flow and overall solid rap voices in this energetic effort. For DohDollars, this is the latest in his musical journey which began back in 2017 with album Wholesome. Since, he’s released Snooze, Good Guy Bad Habits, and Doja Money Love.

His mantra for this year is “Kill or Die.” Simple as that. Y’all better watch out, Louisiana got more than gumbo and swamps. Check out the visual for “Gas Pedal” below.