Cleveland is becoming a hot bed for emerging rappers. At the very forefront of the cities wave, is Epic records signee, Freebandz artist, RBMG ceo, Doe Boy. Doe has been making a name for himself for about a decade. He has experienced ups and downs along the way, surviving more than his fair share of close calls with death, and institutions, and bull shit in general that tends to knock down people on their way up in life. Not him tho. He has remained focused as he barrels forward knocking down boundaries and hurdling over road blocks. The music has gotten so god, it truly gets me excited to imagine where he may take things next creatively . Here, he drops off the first official music video to come from his highly anticipated new project, Streetz Need Me Vol.2 The video is for one of the standout solo records off of the tape, Skip Skool. The Jerry Productions-directed visual shows the gang hijack a school bus, turning one of its nerdy student passengers riding the bus into a certified gang member by the end of the video.

Press play on the official music video for “Skip Skool” below