May 13, 2021



I'm promoting my music! I would consider myself a conscious R&B artist, I use psychedelics to express and further understand the world around me while being able to understand myself and what I can add to the world around me! The 2 biggest psychedelics you'll hear about in my music are Dmt & Lsd, with both I have a unique understanding of the metaphysical world and the conscious mindset within the societal boundaries we are all found in! I am a conscious artist I would definitely not consider my title to be a rapper but more of an influencer! 

Psychedelics are heavy influences in my music and in my life! I am Known as DmtDream, but nicknames Dmt,Lsd,Dosed,Dream etc.! I grew up on the outside of flint in my late teens after high school I moved to the east side where I dove into psychedelics and music!

Experiencing all of the different things it’s takes to really elevate yourself to the next have been truly life changing.

My engineer Tyler taz who was able to help me perfect my unique sound! And my best friend @roarjmckay he has helped me develop into the person I am today, Last but certainly not least my mom and my granny who do every little piece that helps me be the artist I am and Love big big shouts out to all!

I am google verified! Will be running as a XXL FRESHMAN THIS YEAR! EXPECT BIG BIG THINGS FROM DMTDREAM! currently posted with apple news, Redx magazine, elevator, medium (2x), Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, & This is 50! Would also like to highlight I hit 20K streams on YouTube across the project / 62.7K streams across the project on Spotify / 25K streams across the project on Apple Music

I just Recently Broke 80K followers on Instagram I am dropping my first music video on Keeping Tabs Media YouTube page! It will be Live on the page @ Midnight on Monday May 17th! The video will highlight the opening track to my Debut Project “My Conscience”! Also if you live in Michigan DmtDream will be performing in Auburn Hills on Saturday May 15th!